About Us

New Brand. Same Purpose.

When Knowledge2Share was created 22 years ago, the startup was driven forward by passionate individuals who valued internal drive to innovate. The company has since evolved into two companies: K2Share, a cybersecurity consultancy, and CareerSafe, an online OSHA-training and career-focused education leader. While our individual brands, K2Share and CareerSafe, each represent what we do (and do really well, we might add!), neither fully represents who we are.

At our core, we are exactly what our founder, Dr. Larry Teverbaugh, set out to create: a great place to work where employees can have fun while making an impact. Under our new organization, K2United, our two companies can continue to grow and evolve, tied together by what unites us: our purpose. Together, we create solutions so that those we serve thrive.



Knowledge2Share founded



CareerSafe established



K2United launched


“We're 23 years old as a company, but the students that we have trained will go on for decades and decades, and we will change the whole direction of what I think is happening in workplaces. That's what I mean by generational change. And that is the purpose that we have in our company.”

— Dr. Larry Teverbaugh

Our History

In August 2000, Dr. Larry Teverbaugh created an eLearning company named Knowledge2Share. That startup, and the passion behind it, has proven to be a solid foundation for two successful companies:

  • K2Share federal advisory and cybersecurity services
  • CareerSafe OSHA training and online professional development services

Launched during the peak of the “dot-com” craze, K2Share was exposed early on to challenges which could have resulted in failure, like so many others.

Instead, our founding team harnessed our signature tenacity and perseverance, focusing on a conservative business model and providing great service to our clients. With this approach, K2Share not only survived the tech industry downturn but also established two profitable and growing companies. Today, K2Share is a certified HUBZone and Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) with demonstrated success and presence in multiple federal agencies.

In 2003, Dr. Teverbaugh founded CareerSafe after identifying a gap in safety training for young workers. CareerSafe holds the passionate belief that no job is worth a young worker’s life. Since then, we’ve expanded our focus to include the whole worker. From safety and health training to employability skills and security awareness, CareerSafe is focused on providing the foundational skills workers need to launch successful careers.

Our evolution as a company continued in 2022 with the launch of K2United, a new organization to house our two unique brands, uniting them together under our shared purpose.

K2United Aggie 100 Award

Our Values

From our design tenets to our company culture and client interactions, everything we do is guided by our core values. These are the principles upon which we base our outstanding work, driving us toward success:

  • Respect Others. We lead with respect, building trust and connectivity.
  • Internally Driven. We are relentlessly compelled to achieve our objectives.
  • Collaborative Innovation. We create by listening, sharing, and working together.
  • Client Success. We uphold our clients’ missions as our own.
K2United Game Ball - Doug Jones

“It takes every little piece to create the whole, to grow, to have a great place to work, to respect one another, to let that internal drive inspire innovative, collaborative solutions to real problems in the world.”

— Dr. Lisa London

Our Culture

K2United is, at its core, a group of amazing people coming together to do the remarkable. Our culture of open and honest collaboration made us a certified Great Place to Work, while allowing us to stay dedicated to our client’s success.

At K2United, we celebrate what makes us unique, what ties us together, and what helps us continually better ourselves and each other.

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